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True Grace

Essence of England


True Grace are makers and purveyors of candles and other beautifully perfumed goods.

Combining the finest natural ingredients and a love of English fragrance, we create and "Essence of England, As It Should Be", in everything we make.

Carefully curated collections of evocative fragrances blended by English perfumers and sustainably sourced raw materials combine with the beauty and for, of our exquisite hand blown glass vessels.


Our natural credentials

All of our products are handmade in our own factory, powered by green energy.

We are one of the few true candle makers in England. Based in Wiltshire, our factory is ecologically sound and environmentally friendly, powered by a combination of solar power, through panels installed on the roof, and renewable bio-mass.

We strive to maintain carbon neutrality, to reduce our CO2 emissions and prevent contributing to manmade climate change.  



Our secret ingrediant

This is at the heart of our wax recipe and is what makes True Grace candles so special, ensuring the candles burn cleanly and perfume beautifully. 

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